Ben Vandgrift (Skiplist)
Ben Vandgrift struggles daily with a compulsion to solve problems. His decades-old journey has most recently led him to Clojure, allowing him to solve many software problems elegantly and efficiently. He works as a software engineer when he’s not being mauled by his rescue panther.

Bozhidar Batsov (Toptal)
Bozhidar is the maintainer of CIDER and the editor of the community Clojure style guide. Most people would probably describe him as an Emacs zealot (and they would be right). He’s also quite fond of the Lisp family of languages, functional programming in general and Clojure in particular. Believe it or not, Bozhidar has hobbies and interests outside the realm of computers, but we won’t bore with those here.

Colin Jones (8th Light)
Colin Jones is CTO at 8th Light, where he works with teams to craft reliable, maintainable software. He’s into application performance, security, DevOps, architecture, and functional programming. He is the author of the book Mastering Clojure Macros and the open-source project REPL-y, and he’s sorry `lein repl` takes longer to start than you’d probably like.

Daniel Higginbotham (Flying Machine Studios)
Daniel Higginbotham has been a professional programmer for eleven years, half of that at McKinsey & Company, where he used Clojure to build mobile and web applications. He has also contributed to the curriculum for ClojureBridge, an organization that offers free, beginner-friendly Clojure workshops for women.

David Chelimsky (Cognitect)
David has been designing and developing software systems for 20 years, the last 5 with Cognitect. He cut his teeth on Clojure in the financial sector, and has since threaded through e-commerce, supply chain, health care, taxes, and libraries supporting transit, transducers (ruby), and AWS APIs.
When he’s not busy thinking about better ways to write software, David can be found playing choro and samba on his cavaquinho.

Edward Wible (Nubank)
Edward Wible is co-founder and CTO at Nubank, being responsible for development and tech infrastructure of the company. Just like Cristina Junqueira, also co-founder of Nubank, he has started his career at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and with his more than 10 years of experience, built up experience in investment focused in tech companies in the USA. Edward holds a Compute Science BA by Princeton University and also holds a MBA by INSEAD.

Leonardo Borges (RecordPoint)
Leonardo Borges is a programming languages enthusiast who loves writing code, contributing to open source software, and speaking on subjects he feels strongly about. He has used Clojure professionally, both as a lead consultant at ThoughtWorks and as a development team lead at Atlassian, where he helped build real-time collaborative editing technology.

Stuart Halloway (Cognitect)
Stuart Halloway is a founder and President of Cognitect, Inc. (www.cognitect.com). He is a Clojure committer, and a developer of the Datomic database. Stuart has spoken at a variety of industry events, including StrangeLoop, Clojure/conj, EuroClojure, ClojureWest, SpeakerConf, QCon, GOTO, OSCON, RailsConf, RubyConf, JavaOne, and NFJS. Last but not least, he has written a number of books and technical articles. Of these, he is most proud of Programming Clojure.

Stuart Sierra
Stuart Sierra is a software developer with a background in theatre, music, and writing. Host of the No Manifestos podcast. Author of books, articles, and open-source software. Formerly developer and consultant at Cognitect, also known as Relevance, helping businesses large and small leverage Clojure, ClojureScript, and Datomic. Co-founder, with Tim Wu, of the Program on Law & Technology at Columbia University and lead developer of AltLaw, the first open-source search engine for legal reference materials.

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