From Lazy Lisper to Confident Clojurist


The Clojure community is filled with really smart people, with great ideas writing very few tutorials and less documentation. At times it can be quite intimidating and discouraging. This talk is about how you can build your skill and confidence as a Clojure developer.

The best way to build confidence is to make something you are proud and that the world can see. In this talk we’ll go on the journey from Clojure beginning to publishing on Clojars in a very down to earth way.

I wandered in the dark for a long time before I started to grow as a Clojure developer. Looking back the three things that made a difference where the people I followed; writing code I was passionate about and that was useful to me; and access to really good podcasts and books. The people to follow, books to read and projects to take on differ for everyone. We’ll unpack how build your own path to Clojure confidence.

We’ll also go through some of the practical tips I’ve learnt in my journey from being a lousy, lazy lisper to coding confidently to writing Clojure for the financial sector. It’s gonna be a goodie. See you there.


Alexander Oloo (Absa Group)
I’m an engineer by trade. A designer by necessity. And a jack of all trades for fun. I love learning learning new things and debugging systems, code and people. My most rewarding job was lecturing, which for an introvert says a lot. I code for fun. I’m obsessed with screenwriting, but have no skill at it. I’m currently a Design Director where I work with a bunch of awesome humans. My primary focus is the design, analysis, and optimization of apps on the web for improved customer experiences. Oh, and I write Clojure.