Automating GraphQL tests with hodur-graphql-gen


GraphQL APIs are growing, and one of the reason for this is how easy is for modeling a complex system. However this bring us a need to improve testing our API making sure we deliver a robust product. On this talk we will navigate through the process on modeling a GraphQL API with hodur and how we can automate tests for our API using hodur-graphql-gen.


Jefferson Delfes (Work & Co)
Jefferson is a brazilian from Santa Catarina who loves the new technologies. Start his career in software development with turbo pascal and assembly / x86, going through languages like C / C ++ and thus entering the professional world. Faces some challenges like Bluetooth Low Energy (BlueZ), mobile applications (Symbian / MeeGo – Qt, iOS / Swift, Xamarin / C #), and nowadays with Clojure. Currently lives in Brooklyn / NY and currently as Lead Developer at Work & Co.