A bug’s life: what if `select` is broken after all?


Your project’s issue list lies dormant for months, years even. Users seem happy enough, and you’ve got other priorities. Suddenly, a flurry of users report a crazy-sounding bug. They’re seeing a crash, triggered with specific keystrokes, with a common operating system. You can’t reproduce it. What in the world?!

You may have heard the debugging tip from the fantastic book Pragmatic Programmer, “select isn’t broken”. It’s always best to assume that bugs are in *your* code. But… what if this one isn’t?

In this talk, you’ll re-experience this unusual low-level bug, and take away some lessons for the kinds of debugging we need to do all the time as software developers.


Colin Jones (8th Light)
Colin Jones is CTO at 8th Light, where he works with teams to craft reliable, maintainable software. He’s into application performance, security, DevOps, architecture, and functional programming.┬áHe is the author of the book Mastering Clojure Macros and the open-source project REPL-y, and he’s sorry `lein repl` takes longer to start than