5 years of Clojure: building better infrastructure with parentheses


In this talk we will walk through where and how Clojure proved to be a great fit, in what areas we decided against it and where we later reconsidered those choices. From data processing, to daemons and infrastructure tooling, going through more esoteric uses, this talk will showcase how Clojure was a great companion to beat the odds.

Amongst other things we’ll discuss:

  • Writing RPC daemons and clients
  • Integrating with Java libraries
  • ClojureScript then and now
  • The Clojure library ecosystem


Pierre-Yves Ritschard (exoscale)
Pierre-Yves is CTO at exoscale where he is responsible for architecture and strategic technology choices, relying on experience in the architecture of very large corporate systems as well as technical product design in several startups. Pierre-Yves is an active member of the open-source community as author of pithos and cyanite as well as key contributions to OpenBSD, collectd and riemann amongst others.